The Axtel PLC is not only extremely flexible, it's also scalable to a degree where it can be used in small and large systems and in many market segments. These properties and a fully integrated Touch Screen make it the PLC of choice for application such as:

  • Automation of Factory Machines
  • LAB Machines, and
  • Intelligent Instrumentation

Factory Machines

In Factory Machines where all sensors and actuators are located within 12 feet from the Programmable Logic Controller unit require typically only a single PLC. For larger Machine types we frequently suggest a Master PLC connected to one or more Slave PLCs. Such a configuration reduces the number of cable running through the machine. Slave PLCs service Sensors and Actuators that are located in their proximity; they connect to the Master PLC through a 2 wire bus extender. Normally the Master PLC is equipped with a Touch Screen and mounted into the Front Panel which may also hold rugged IP67 switches.

LAB Machines

LAB Machines are mostly of a size where Sensors and Actuators are located within approximately 12 feet of the control unit. A single PLC is typically sufficient and the Axtel PLC does have the necessary analog inputs for scales, pressure, temperature and humidity sensors etc.

Examples of custom LAB Machines are:
  • Counting of pills and placing them into a bottle or bag
  • Filling bottles with an exact amount of liquid(s)
  • Weighing powders, mixing, and compaction them

Intelligent Instrumentation

One example of good use for the Axtel PLC is our "Digital Readout" which we have designed for a customer that manufactures hydraulic tensile test machines. Their machines have a built in Load Cell which delivers a very small analog signal that is proportional to the force applied by the hydraulics. Software and hardware resources built into the Axtel PLC allow for such tasks as real time conversion of analog data to 24 bit digital data with on the fly algorithm based data processing, implementation of a data base with multiple choice parameter selection, on the fly display of results on the LCD screen including error correction, and activation or deactivation of digital outputs when computations reach a pre-determined limit.

Why Axtel PLCs?

Axtel PLCs are unique in the industry, because they were the first to offer built-in maintenance routines. These maintenance routines are specifically designed to aid during system maintenance and trouble shooting. With the help of these routines the user, or a service technician, may exercise individual Sensors and/or Actuators in either "Single Cycle" or "Jog" mode. Occasional mishaps, such as a collection of undesirable particles blocking a sensor, a stuck motor, or a clogged filter, can now be located through observation and without much training. Potentially this feature provides for a substantial reduction in terms of emergency repair costs and machine downtime.