PLC - Programming and Manufacturing

At the start of a new project we at Axtel Inc. listen to our customers, make suggestions where necessary, and we offer our many years of experience. After collecting all information we develop a plan and obtain customer approval for it.

A substantial amount of software programming resources are allocated to provide the customer with a custom Programmable Logic Controller that functions exactly as he has ordered. Where necessary we perform a simulation based on external stimuli to verify performance. Our Source Code is fully documented to accommodate future modification and upgrades.

Then our hardware engineers go to work, the system is built to perform in a Turnkey fashion, and eventually after Quality Control it gets installed. Finally, after some fine tuning, the new machine is ready to commence high speed production on a 24/7 schedule.

Machines built by Axtel Inc. are known to have a Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) which compares well with the rest of the industry. However, even applying the best Quality Control measures does not completely prevent machine failures, this is especially true after the machine has aged, or when it was not properly maintained over time. That is why we recommend uninterrupted and professional maintenance. Granted, maintenance does cost money, but it reduces the risk of very expensive emergency repairs.

Axtel PLCs are unique in the industry, because they were the first to offer built-in maintenance routines. These maintenance routines are specifically designed to aid during system maintenance and trouble shooting. With the help of these routines the user, or a service technician, may exercise individual Sensors and/or Actuators in either "Single Cycle" or "Jog" mode. Occasional mishaps, such as a collection of undesirable particles blocking a sensor, a stuck motor, or a clogged filter, can now be located through observation and without much training. Potentially this feature provides for a substantial reduction in terms of emergency repair costs and machine downtime.